Porto Design
Summer School

Next Edition
July 17–29 2023

Porto Design
Summer School

Next Edition
July 17–29 2023

What is the cost?

The course fee for 2023 is 1770 euros. The fee includes VAT at 23% (€1439,03 + €330,97 VAT = €1770). If you are VAT registered, and supply your VAT number to us, we will only invoice you for €1439,03.

What is the procedure for application?

Applications should be made via this website (section–Apply). Applications will be reviewed as they arrive and applicants will be notified if they have been accepted within two weeks.

Is a deposit payment required?

Yes. Once applicants have been notified that they have been accepted onto the course they are asked to pay a deposit payment of 200 euros. This deposit is refundable if applicants withdraw before May 31st. It is non-refundable if applicants withdraw after May 31st.

When is the deadline for application?

We will continue to accept applications until the deadline of Friday June 23rd (2023). We will regularly issue notification of place availability on the website and allied social media.

When do I pay the full amount?

Course fees (minus any deposit payment) must be paid in full by Sunday July 2nd.

What sort of participants does the course hope to attract?

We’re looking for graduate and post-graduate design students, professional designers, and in general for people who have a passion for making, exploring, testing themselves and sharing with others.

Is a portfolio required for application?

Yes. We would like to see some examples of your work in order to help us make our selection. This can be done in the application form by providing a weblink we can visit or by submitting a pdf.

How many places are there on the course?

There are a maximum of 24 places available on the course and a minimum of 14. The course will not take place unless the minimum allocation is reached.

How much graphic design experience do I need?

We would expect participants to have at least a basic knowledge of editorial design (typography, pagination etc). Above all we welcome participants who have a passion for books, publications, the construction of narratives, and for enjoying themselves doing these things.

What kind of equipment should I bring?

Each participant is required to bring a laptop. The course venue is equipped with printers, scanners and internet access. A digital camera is recommended together with download cable. Participants should also have Adobe CS6 (minimum) software packages installed on their laptops (specifically InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator).

Is there financial aid or scholarship available?

There is no financial aid or scholarship available for this course.

What is included in the Course Fee?

The Course fee includes individual accommodation, tuition, lectures, production materials (printing), and two course receptions (dinners).

Are meals included in the Course Fee?

Only the opening and closing receptions are included. For other daily meals the course venue is situated in the centre of the city, an area full of new and traditional restaurants and bakeries offering lunches, snacks and low-cost dishes-of-the-day.

Are flights included in the Course Fee?

No. Participants are responsible for their own flight arrangements.

What is the accommodation?

Accommodation is in University halls of residence which are of excellent quality. Every participant is allocated a single room with private bathroom and each room is equipped with a fridge, stove and microwave oven. The residence is four metro stations (direct) to the centre of the city, where the course venue is situated.

Do I have to stay in the planned course accommodation?

No. Participants are free to find and finance their own accommodation if they prefer. In this case the overall course fee for the participant will be reduced by 370 euros.